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OCTE Publications

Chalkboard newsletter

A print and digital publication produced four times a year to communicate news from language arts teachers across Oregon, as well as book reviews, conference reflections, announcements, and more.

Oregon English Journal

Published twice annually, the focus is on theory, research and teaching practices.  The intended audience is teachers of all levels, elementary through college. Original poetry, drama and fiction is also accepted. OEJ also provides a forum for open discussion of ideas. The spring issue of is dedicated to a specific theme.

Oregon Literature Series

Explore six volumes of the most comprehensive collection of a state's literature ever produced.  Sample work by hundreds of Oregon writers - from tribal tales and songs by the first Oregonians to new stories, poems and essays by the state's finest contemporary authors.  Developed by teachers for teachers.

Oregon Literary Map

Oregon Encyclopedia

The Oregon Encyclopedia Project is a collaborative endeavor of OCTE, Portland State University, and the Oregon Historical Society, which has produced an amazing resource for teachers, students, and lovers of Oregon.

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