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Oregon Literature Series

Developed by teachers for teachers.  Explore six volumes of the most comprehensive collection of a state's literature ever produced.

You and your students can sample work by hundreds of Oregon writers - from tribal tales and songs by the first Oregonians to new stories, poems and essays by the state's finest contemporary authors.

Discover a series of unique teaching tools

  • A compelling collection of some of Oregon's best writing
  • Introductory essays
  • Biographies and portraits of featured authors
  • Bibliography of sources and suggested readings
  • Illustrations by Oregon artists

General Editor: George Venn

Managing Editor: Ulrich H. Hardt

The Stories We Tell

An Anthology of Oregon Folk Literature

Edited by Suzi Jones & Jarold Ramsey

Traditional stories, songs, tales and sayings - from Native American creation myths to counting out rhymes - reveal the richness of Oregon's oral traditions. Ideal for reading aloud and engaging students at all levels.

From Here We Speak

An Anthology of Oregon Poetry

Edited by Ingrid Wendt & Primus St. John

Historical anthology opens with Native American texts and concludes with a broad sampling of Oregon's finest contemporary poets.

The World Begins Here

An Anthology of Oregon Short Stories

Edited by Glen A. Love

Range of 33 Oregon stories from Nez Perce tale to contemporaries such as Walt Morey's "Timber Top," Beverly Cleary's "Owl Trouble," and Craig Lesley's "Mint".

Varieties of Hope

An Anthology of Oregon Prose

Edited by Gordon B. Dodds

Speeches, essays, and works of biography, history, and journalism profile the Oregon experience. Selections include Chief Joseph, Ursula Le Guin, Barry Lopez, Jesse Applegate, Abigail Scott Duniway, Wayne Morse, Kim Stafford and 50 others.

Many Faces

An Anthology of Oregon Autobiography

Edited by Stephen Dow Beckham

Forty Oregonians from the prominent to the plain tell their own stories - Amanda Johnson, who came to Oregon as a slave; Bethenia Owens-Adair, one of Oregon's first female doctors; and Angus Bowmer, who founded the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Talking on Paper

An Anthology of Oregon Letters and Diaries

Edited by Shannon Applegate & Terence O’Donnell

Everyday Oregonians reveal a personal side of Oregon history, filled with concrete details of ordinary life.

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